About the Emergence & History of Medical Services:

Praise is to Allah, Lord of worlds, prayer and peace is upon His prophet and messenger and his family. Based on the instructions of His Excellency the Rector was the start to establish of medical services at the university on 1/1/1432H, as His Excellency the Rector inaugurated the medical services and put the first block for medical services that aim to serve the students and the community. It provides the primary diagnostic health care, therapeutic and preventive care.

About the Mobile Medical Services:

Majmaah University under the guidance of the Rector, Dr. Khaled Bin Saad Al-Muqren have equipped the Mobile Medical Services, which comes as an integral part of the medical services system at Majmaah University. The University aims of mobile medical services to achieve several objectives including: -

• Participate in health awareness and education programs and events for the community.

• Facilitate performing surveys to contribute to medical research in the various health colleges such as University Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, and others.

• Participation in the provision of medical diagnostic and therapeutic services in coordination with various government firms such as the Ministry of Health and the Red Crescent.

• Establishment of blood donation and comprehensive testing campaigns to serve all community members in general and other categories susceptible to certain diseases, such as children, elderly people and laborers.

• Contribute to train university health colleges in various skills field training.

• The mobile medical services contain the necessary equipment to achieve those goals, such as: -

A clinic equipped with ultrasonic equipment for the diagnosis of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Internal Medicine.

- A clinic equipped with X-ray equipment to diagnose bone and chest diseases. -

An equipped pediatric clinic.

- An equipped general medicine clinic.

- Two (2) Dental integrated Clinics with different equipment.

- Medical laboratories for men and women.

- One Pharmacy for men and another one for women.

- Nursing and dressing rooms for men and women.

- Waiting rooms women.

- Toilets. Note that the clinics are fully equipped with electricity, air conditioning and central medical gas network; in addition to all equipment needed to work as an mobile integrated health center.