The Deanship Tasks

1. Coordinate with the National Authority for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation, and working in accordance with its regulations and instructions.

2. Enhance university employees’ awareness about the importance of quality assurance processes and the necessary strategies to achieve it.

3. Set specific mechanisms to consolidate quality in performance and outcomes.

4. Provide assistance to academic departments and administrative units to implement quality improvement plans, and follow up on implementing them.

5. Set training plans for education strategies and evaluation and review processes.

6. Assist university units and colleges in preparing and implementing quality improvement programs as well as evaluation of outcomes.

7. Design standard forms for conducting studies and preparing reports on quality indicators,  programs specifications, and other reports that help for quality.

8. Conduct a periodic review for alumni and other beneficiaries about the university's activities.

9. Communicate regularly with beneficiaries of the university’s activities, and seek their opinions  about strategies for developing skills.

10. Provide reference materials for quality and accreditation.

11. Set key performance indicators for use in all university colleges, deanships, and administration.

12. Set annual reports on the level of quality assurance and submit them to the university administration.