About the Vice-Dean’s Office

The Vice-Dean’s Office for Academic Accreditation supervises a number of departments and units including : Institutional Accreditation Department, Program-Based Accreditation Department and International Classification Unit. These departments and units are assigned with a number of tasks outlined in organizational structure of the Vice-Dean’s Office. In a remarkable achievement for Majmaah University to maintain high quality standards of education, the university has successfully earned the certificate of institutional academic accreditation from the National Commission for Assessment and Academic Accreditation (NCAAA). The eligibility for earning the accreditation came as a result of fulfilling the standards of institutional academic accreditation. With this achievement, MU has become among the earliest Saudi universities to earn this accreditation, which is considered one of the strategic objectives for any educational institution to attain the kingdom vision 2030 The significance of academic accreditation for MU is to improve the quality level at the university which will contribute in making the university outcomes more credible to meet the market needs. In addition to the institutional accreditation, the Vice-Dean’s Office has striven to provide all necessary support to colleges and programs. As a result of this support, 15 academic programs obtained international accreditation. As part of its dedication for continuous improvement of all programs, the university is also planning to obtain the NCAAA’s accreditation for 10 programs. These achievements are a result of the incessant support of MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Mugren and Vice-Rectors as well as the cooperation of all staff.