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Name of the Centre: Definition of the Center:

1 Printing and Scientific Publishing Administration at King Saud University: the window that undertakes the publishing of the intellectual production of King Saud University to the surrounding world, and prints the intellectual production of the university, academics, and researchers from abroad, as well as editing and printing scientific journals after arbitration and approval.

2 Al-Ahram Center for Translation and Publishing: the Center undertakes translating and publishing of specialized and important scientific books in various disciplines, as well as to provide and import foreign books.

3 Saudi Scientific Society for Languages and Translation: one of the tasks of the Society is: Authoring scientific books, translating and publishing them in the field of Languages and Translation, and other related areas.

4 Scientific Publishing Council at Kuwait University: the Council works on publishing researches and innovative scientific books produced by faculty members and other staff members in various fields of science and knowledge.

5 Scientific Publishing Center at the University of Bahrain: the Centre revolves around the advancement of publishing process for the scientific production of various kinds at the university.

6 Center of Scientific Publishing and Translation at the University of Qassim: it is concerned with scientific publishing and translation, in the areas of writing, translation, investigation, and scientific research in the form of printed and electronic informational vessels.

7 Center of Scientific Publishing and Translation at the University of Hail: it is concerned with publishing and printing school textbooks, specialized books and examined books, as well as publishing and printing cultural and scientific books, besides the scientific dissertations.

8 Translation, Authorship and Publication Centre at King Faisal University: it undertakes the supervision on printing and publishing of authorship scientific works and translated ones, in addition to hold scientific conferences and symposia in the field of translation, authorship and publication inside and outside the Kingdom.

9 Promising Research Centre at Princess Noura University : the center publishes researches, studies, and intellectual and academic works shared among female researchers and specialists from the University of Princess Noura and other universities in the Kingdom.

10 Administration of Scientific Publication and Press at the University of Jazan: it cares with stimulating and providing scientific sources as well as scientific publishing vessels of high level to absorb the scientific publishing for researchers and interested ones from inside and outside the university.

11 Center of Studies and Research at the University of Nayef Security Sciences: publishing the scientific publications of researches, studies, authorship works, and periodicals and others to meet the needs of the Arab security library of security and scientific references.

12 Center of Scientific Publication, Authorship, and Translation at the University of Northern Borders: the Centre contributes to the printing and publishing of intellectual and scientific production and text books, as well as the Arabization of the important cultural and scientific books.

13 Administration of Translation at the Institute of Public Administration: it is concerned with the transfer of advanced global knowledge in the areas of Administrative Sciences, through the translation of foreign scientific books and articles in the areas relevant to the Arabic Language and publishing them.

14 Arab Center for Arabization, Translation, Authorship, and Publication at the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science: it helps on the Arabization of higher and tertiary education in its branches and fields all over the Arab world, including the provision of the needs of Arabization of references, books, studies, researches and extracts, in terms of translation, authorship, publication, and distribution.

15 General Directorate of Publications and Publishing at the University of Zawia: attention to translate books and authored them at the university and a review of the evaluation committees and submit proposals to encourage the translation and authoring works.

16 Office of Excellence Scientific Publishing at the University of Alexandria: publishing the scientific publications of researches, studies, authorship, and distinct periodicals in the various branches of knowledge.

17 Center of Scientific Publishing at the University of Sohag: it is concerned with publishing and marketing of the scientific authorship for faculty members in all areas of scientific research .