 That medical service becomes the nucleus to a Educational Hospital, which serves the educational and health process for all health colleges.

 Attract efficient and highly qualified human resources in all areas of medical and medical support specialties.

 Allow to train male & female students in various disciplines to gain the training skills.

 Provide the community with a high quality service in the fields of health care and education, cooperation with health institutions in the Kingdom, participation in awareness and cultural programs & events through mobile medical services.

 Provide high quality service to the university affiliates, employees and students; in addition to providing the patient needs of medications…etc.

 Carry out scientific and applied researches to serve the educational and health process.

 Issue medical journals and provide advanced medical equipment to services and branches.

 Participate in therapeutic and diagnostic programs in coordination with various government parties such as the Ministry of Health and Red Crescent. Organize blood donation campaigns and comprehensive tests to all community members and for other categories that are subject to certain diseases such as children, elderly people and laborers.

 Establishment of clinics for chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, asthma and others; in addition to and other educational and supporting the therapeutic process.