Features of Internal Environment

Incoming transactions procedures:

1. Incoming transactions to MU rector's Office are received directly by the office or via the mailbox or the CMS.

2. The transaction is received on CSM as general incoming correspondence.

3. The university rector reviews internal correspondence and transactions received from external parties through CMS and forwards them. 

Outcoming transactions procedures:

1. The transaction is prepared in its final form by the competent authority.

2. The rector reviews internal correspondence and transactions issued to external parties on CMS and directs them. 

Drafting and Editing:

1- The Drafting and Editing Department prepares a preliminary draft of the letter for the rector to make the necessary changes, if any, before the final approval.

2. Approved internal and external correspondences are prepared on CMS.

Conducting confidential transactions:

Confidential transactions are dealt on CMS in the same way as the internal correspondence and the outgoing and incoming transaction, with marking the type of transaction (confidential) on CMS.

Follow up unit procedure:

The transaction is forwarded to the follow-up department for follow-up.

Office and Secretarial Administration Procedure:

Organizing MU rector’s dates of meetings, carrying out shorthand work, and coordinating translation work when needed.

Preparing the rector's interview programs every day.

Receiving private telephone calls and transferring them to the rector.

Checking the rector's communication devices (cell phone - mobile phone - fax - e-mail - internal network - internal and external transfers - network communication - video communication - councils and committees system).

Check the location of communications devices and how they are divided

Conducting all confidential and private communications for the rector both internal and international, and transcribing e-mails and mobile messages on paper and presenting them to the rector.

Receiving auditors and responding to their inquiries in person, by phone, or electronically.

Arranging the dates of the auditors' requests to meet the rector.

Follow up the e-mail of the university rector's office and respond to inquiries received on the e-mail.

Arranging meetings and interviews for the rector.

Supervising the reception hall for guests from outside the university.

Coordinating the rector's trips outside the university to attend conferences and workshops.