Administrative and Technical Services Unit

General Goal:

To monitor the incoming transactions delivered to the Rector’s Office, implement the necessary procedures, and archive them electronically as required by every case.


1- Responding and receiving all incoming transactions delivered to the Rector’s Office.

2-Sorting the transactions and ensuring that they are completed, properly forwarded and classified.

3- Keeping all transactions in the inbox along with organizing them based on an adopted index.

4- Sending the transactions that need to be reviewed by the Rector and the director of his office.

5-Sending the incoming transactions to other units associated with the Rector’s Office.

6-Receiving transactions after being directed and revised and sending them upon the written referral.

7-Distributing copies of letters and orders to the concerned departments.

8- Organizing the holidays of the affiliates of Rector’s Office.

9- Supervising the maintenance work within Rector’s Office.

10- Any other task assigned to the unit.