Public Relations and Protocol Unit

Public Relations and Protocol Unit of the Rector’s Office

Public Relations and Protocol Unit of the Rector’s Office General Objective:

To create a communication channel between the office of the Rector and the public, strengthen good relations with the beneficiaries and other visitors as well as organizing reception of dignitaries and important figures who visit the university through the customary ceremonies and protocol that show the due respect of the University and its officials.Responsibilities

1- Receiving beneficiaries and directing them to their respective departments.

2- Receiving the files of beneficiaries and making sure that they are complete.

3- Coordinating with relevant departments to improve the review of beneficiaries’ files and finishing their transactions more quickly.

4- Improving the services provided to beneficiaries and facilitating their rapid accomplishment in addition to activation of the telephone and email services for further contacts with the beneficiaries.

5- Informing the beneficiary of the transaction’s result and removing obstacles if any- as well as enabling the beneficiary to review his transaction and communicate with the relevant staff member when needed.

6- Receiving guests of and visitors to the Rector’s Office.

7- Preparing the conditions for the visits and guests of the Rector.

8- Determining which adviser required by the Rector to be present during the reception of the guests.

9- Coordinating with the General Department of Public Relations and the University Media to cover the visit of the guests according to the Rector’s instructions.

10- Accompanying the guests when leaving or touring the University facilities.

11- Ensuring the Saudi customary reception protocol of the dignitaries and diplomatic sector members.

12- Accompanying the Rector in his visits and ensuring his schedule and program of the visit well beforehand.

13- Preparing all the visits of the Rector and presenting them to him well in advance.

14- Any other tasks assigned by the Rector.