Social Responsibility Department


- Propose development initiatives to improve the social responsibility works in accordance with the university's strategic vision.
- List the social responsibility activities held by the university to evaluate them based on a set of criteria.
- Document successful experiences and best practices in social responsibility.
- Create a social responsibility database that includes all experts, researchers, academics, and advocates in social responsibility.
- Propose financial, administrative and regulatory work guides for social responsibility institutions to use them in various social responsibility activities.
- Monitor all events, conferences and seminars related to social responsibility and highlight the important ones to encourage others for participate. 
- Conduct in-depth studies on responsibility in coordination with the relevant authorities at the university.
- Propose academic, professional and educational development programs.
- Hold conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops in coordination with the relevant authorities at the university.
- Undertake any other tasks assigned to the Observatory in its field of competence.


The Social Responsibility Department has the following centers:
1- Voluntary Work Center.
2- People with Disabilities Center.
3- Family and Child Care Center.
4- Blood Bank Friends Club.
5- The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) program