This unit is responsible with activating the college's social responsibility and to develop the local community by conducting community programs in coordination with the relevant authorities.


Encouraging faculty members and students to participate in volunteer activities and spread the culture of volunteering

Establishing a link between the university and the surrounding community and contributing to its development.

Highlighting the college's role in the media with regard to community work.

Organizing participation in international and national events.

Encouraging the college's staff to participate in community service activities.

Improving the services provided to the community.

Establishing cooperative partnerships with various governmental and private sectors that provide community services.

Activating the student's role in community service.

Encouraging distinguished initiatives related to community service programs and activities.

Set an annual plan for the college to serve the community.

Measuring the community members' satisfaction with the community services.

Communicate with relevant community institutions.

Holding periodic meetings with the beneficiaries of the college's services.

Organizing meetings, seminars, scientific lectures and training courses that contribute to community service.

Encouraging scientific research to solve important issues and problems in society.