Support Services Unit

Support Services Unit


To excel in programs that achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

To be distinguished in the field of strategy, particularly the administrative and operational aspects, and monitor its performance with all vice-dean's Offices, departments, and administrative units in the college.


1- Institutional work 2- Professionalism 3- Transparency 4- Integrity 5- Excellence 6- Innovation 7-Sustainability


Providing a distinctive quality through a stimulating work environment, and developing skills as well as raising efficiency to reach the best practices in quality and excellence.


1- Quality, creativity, and innovation in a stimulating administrative workplace.

2- Monitoring the development and improvement of educational and administrative facilities in the college and providing support to departments.

3- Achieving support work for vice-dean's offices, administrative units, and departments.

4- Developing and improving educational facilities in the college.

5- Providing the required services to support the educational and administrative process in the university in a professional manner and improving the quality.

6- Providing the necessary support to various support departments.

7- Meeting work requirements by providing necessary services to all college facilities.

8- Supervising and guiding staff.

9- Establishing policies and objectives for the Support Services Unit.

10- Implementing systems, regulations, and instructions for the Support Services Unit.

Tasks of the Support Services Unit:

1- Following up and completing all procedures related to the college within the powers granted.

2- Performing any other tasks assigned by the administration.

3- Determining the needs of vice-dean's offices, departments, units and providing them.

4- Supervising all work related to support services.

5- Monitoring, supervising, and coordinating the college's work.

6- Coordinating with relevant departments regarding administrative, technical, and support services.

​​​​​7. Arranging and preserving administrative and financial documents for easy retrieval.

8. Supervising all tasks related to maintenance, (cleaning, security, safety, technical support, services, and transportation)