This unit is responsible of scientific affairs for the faculty members and the like, providing them with support, following up on those who under scholarships, and coordinating the seminars, conferences and scientific forums that the college undertakes.




Supporting teaching assistants and lecturers to get admission from prestigious universities.

Contribute to motivating teaching assistants and lecturers at the college to obtain acceptance in the shortest time after appointment.

Supporting teaching assistants and lecturers to improve their language skills to meet the requirements of international academic institutions.

Follow up on the procedures of scholarships for teaching assistants and lecturers.

Contribute effectively to solving the problems and difficulties facing scholarship students.

Clarify the requirements for obtaining acceptance for teaching assistants and lecturers.



Conducting visits to the target universities and signing agreements with them to coordinate the acceptance of teaching assistants and lecturers.

Communicate with teaching assistants and lecturers to facilitate the scholarship procedures.

Suggesting a general policy for selecting teaching assistants and lecturers and distributing them to the various departments of the college.

Receiving and sorting the files of applicants from the Vice Rector's Office for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.

Sending all applicants' requests to the relevant departments for academic evaluation of applicants, studying them, and conducting the required tests and interviews.

Follow up the files with the different departments and return them to the teaching assistant committee after obtaining the approvals of the specialized councils.

Ensuring that all candidates undergo tests and personal interviews and that they fulfill all requirements according to the bylaws and regulations, to submit them to the Standing Committee for Teaching Assistants and Lecturers Affairs.