New University System and Empowerment of University Community

The New University System is a blessed vision developed by our wise leadership that supports institutions and promotes development efforts to achieve competitiveness in all fields to serve community and developing citizens. Our wise leadership has adopted the New System of universities that opens up prospects for the future and gives such universities new roles that will enable them to expand their outputs, strengthen their partnerships and expand the delivery of their services beyond their geographical and even international reach. In light of the new system, the university community has become more expansive and inclusive. This puts confidence in our universities that are qualified to achieve global competitiveness. The new university system shows the confidence of our leaders in the participation of community members by enhancing their participation in the management of universities through their representation on advisory boards and university boards of trustees. The system also incorporates rules supporting community participation efforts as well as the development of financial resources and contributing to the promotion of community development efforts at large. In this context, we must cooperate with our leadership in their unlimited ambition to compete in university education at the global level. Dean of Community Service Dr. Omar Bin Ma'ad Al-Sharyofi