Media Production and Documentation


* Supervising all information printed materials and different University publications.
* All printed materials issued from University vice rectors, colleges and supporting deanship have been supplied with photos taken by the public relations coverage team.
* A number of introductory publications about the University in Arabic and English were issued to be used in external exhibitions.
* The University used a number of introductory posters in some internal and external occasions.
* A booklet on the female graduates was distributed during the graduation ceremony of the Education College in Al Majmaa and Alzulfi and College of Sciences and Human Relations in Hawtat Sadir.
* Participation in issuance of Education College Book marking the opening of the new facilities in the college.
* Preparation and printing of personal cards for all University officials.
                    * Visual documentation was made for activities in the University.
* Making the required editing for all documentary films on university occasions.
* Production of an introductory film about the University in collaboration with the admission and registration deanship. The film was showed during the University celebration of the graduation of its first batch of students.
* A special channel was established in the You Tube and supplied with TV documentary programs about occasions, ceremonies and lectures in the University.
* Preparation of photos archives about all University occasions which was published in a directory

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