Course Description

This course is an introduction to speech theory from a rhetorical standpoint (i.e. the use of language to achieve specific ends or produce material effects at particular social contexts). Students will study the major principles and strategies of classical and modern rhetoric, and some of its contemporary applications and implications, focusing on the spoken aspect of rhetoric rather than the written.  They will also practice listening to, analyzing, and delivering speeches on certain topics and issues.


Course Aims

1. Produce both informative and persuasive presentations on several topics.

2. Discuss ideas and different topic efficiently.

3. Employ external references and statistics in a professional way.

4. Interpret the presentations topics according to the students’ personal inputs, ideas, and beliefs.

5. Employ correct language and presentation skills.


Learning Outcomes

1. Formal and non formal speaking abilities

2. Abilities to discuss, negotiate and debate different topics

3. Ability to give effective presentations

1. Search different topics and cite references

2. Summarize the available information and present them in a coherent way

3. Draw personal conclusions and opinions at the end of the presentation

4. Debate and refute different points of views