Course Description

Knowledge of the role of systems and Cefath- life cycle analyst Alniz- feasibility study of the system and then analyze the systems and methods of collection requirements Almalomat- process design input and output, and database design and interface Almstkhaddmin- roads and relations in the development of Alniz- phases of systems development - assessment and selection systems - practical situations in systems development .


Course Topics

Essentials Systems Analysis and Design

  1. System Development Environment
  2. Foundations for systems development
  3. System planning and selection
  4. Systems analysis
  5. Determining system requirements
  6. Process Modeling
  7. Structuring system requirements
  8. Conceptual data modeling
  9. Systems design
  10. Designing the human interface
  11. Designing Database
  12. Systems implementation and operations
  13. Case study