Rector visits Deanships after moving to new headquarter

           The Rector Dr. Khaled bin Saad Al Muqrin visited  the support deanships of  the university that  moved to the new headquarters of the university , they are the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education, and Dean of quality and skills development, and the Deanship of Library Affairs, and deanships of Student Affairs, His Excellence was received by Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah, Dean of the quality and skills development, and Dr. Omar Alhariofi Dean of Community Service and continuing education, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Omran Dean of Library Affairs, and Dr. Faisal Al-Hamoud Dean of Student Affairs, and Deanships’  staff where he congratulated them for the new headquarters and then he roamed in the departments and administrations of Deanships, offices and halls , he saw the facilities available for each Dean , the workflow and what has been  implemented from plans and programs adopted for each deanship, His Excellency said that these facilities should contribute to work upgrading and lead to success and greater achievements of the deanships, as  they cost the state a lot of money and cost the university a lot of effort and work and must be utilized and maintained. His Excellency also discussed with the deans the needs of deanships that contribute to raising the level of performance. He also reminded them that each employee should have respect for Allah in his work in serving   this nation and to achieve the objectives of the university to continue to achieve successes and achievements.

            He then presented his thanks and appreciation to the deans on what he saw of the disciplinary work and a wonderful organization and a major development on the level of administrative and academic programs and activities hoping from them and the employees of Deanships further development and success. The Deans gave their thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the Rector visit and his guidance, which represents a major motivation for more effort and giving.

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Friday, 25/November/2011