Vision, Mission and Objectives


To be one of the best colleges of science; seek academic accreditation locally and globally; and to have a high-quality academic environment conducive to having graduates who are capable of achieving the goals of sustainable development.


Qualify national cadres capable of competing in the labor market; meeting the requirements of sustainable development; and contributing to scientific research and community service.


- Creating a conducive study environment to help students achieve optimal academic achievement via state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms
- Qualifying students to meet the needs of the labor market in various fields.
- Providing learning and scientific research resources through library and international research databases.
- Making distinguished progress in the research field and promoting the culture of scientific research.
- Directing study plans in scientific departments to match the needs and requirements of the labor market.
- Bridging the gap between the college and the outside community.
- Earning academic accreditation (nationally and internationally) for all programs in the college.


Justice - Quality - Excellence - Creativity - Teamwork - Loyalty