Vice Deanship for Qulaity and Development

Quality Department


The Department of Quality at the Preparatory Year Deanship is set on improving the development of quality and performance at the administrative and academic departments in the deanship including quality enhancement at the departments in an attempt to raise the professional and academic ranking of Majmaah University.

The Deanship aims to meet the expectations of the Deanship clients through a general strategy for quality and service development. Furthermore, the Deanship has been working on continuous improvement of the educational environment and raising awareness of quality development through workshops and meetings along with giving support to the committees and units within the Deanship.



To instill the culture of quality development at the Deanship in order to achieve the mission and objectives of Majmaah University.



To reinforce the concept of quality and performance development at the deanship in an attempt to create a distinct educational and professional environment.

  Strategic Objectives

·         Development of administration at the Deanship

·         Improvement of quality at the Deanship

·         Enhancing the performance of staff at the Deanship

·         Upgrading the processes of teaching, learning and assessment at the Deanship

·         Strategic planning that fulfills the expectation of the University.