Training is the foundation of  development of academic institutions. Therefore, training unit recognized the importance of human resources and intended to hold training sessions and also to highly benefit from training sessions held in the other universities because we really believe in the importance of tackling with the three aspects of learner: academic aspect, technical aspect and mental aspect.



Our vision is the constant development of human resources in preparatory year to make it able to compete effectively at the national and the international level.



We constantly long to implement and develop new training techniques that guarantee the continuous development of human resources mentally, academically and technically. We also seek to meet the training needs of the staff and carefully measure their progress to achieve the required quality at the national and the international level.


The tasks of the Training Unit

The task of the training unit in the preparatory year is to develop the skills of all human resources including staff, faculty, administrators and students. The training unit is also considered as a self-development source in the university.


The strategic goals 


·         Promote the competencies of employees in the preparatory year in dealing with individuals as reflected in their interaction and performance in a positive way.


·         Prepare projects for training on both levels: the deanship and local and increase the students' participation in these projects.


·         Enable and provide the students with the necessary basic life skills that are required so that students will be able to compete in the labor market.

·         Promote the culture of research and self-learning among students and create a local community to adopt the ideal practices they have in the areas of development.


·         Provide support and guidance to students through the provision of true relationships with some individuals, mainly the trainer, which continuously provides them with moral support and help them access to employment opportunities and new services.


·         Preparing Enrichment training programs for the development of the employees' skills in The PYP deanship.


·         Promote a culture of quality and publicize it at the level of the deanship.


·         Prepare a mechanism to explore the views of the beneficiaries of the deanship services and take advantage of these views in the development of the work of the deanship.


·         Study the difficulties and the problems that might face the development and the quality programs in deanship and propose appropriate solutions for these problems.


·         Identifying the training needs and the training capacity of the deanship to maintain the sustainable development of the teaching staff, employees and students in the deanship, and keep coordination with the relevant authorities.


·         Promote the participation of faculty members in the programs offered by the Deanship of the quality and the development.


·         Develop mechanisms to identify the expectations and the satisfaction level of the beneficiaries from the deanship services to raise the work efficiency and improve performance.


·         Develop the efficiency of human resources in the deanship to carry out their work effectively.


·         Design and carry out the training programs that increase the deanship competitive with their counterparts in the other universities.


·         Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of community and environmental services by providing training programs for community parties.