Responsibilities of the Vice-Dean's Office

1- Supervising educational affairs at the Common First Year Deanship.

2- Preparing field studies about academic performance difficulties and suggesting appropriate solutions.

3 - Supervising the progress of technical and scientific works and its related units, and improving them.

4- Approving academic performance evaluation in associated units.

5- Approving emergency leaves for employees at the Deanship and related units, and reporting to the Deanship’s administration about faculty members to complete the regular procedures.

6- Communicating with the deans of colleges and associated deanships, reviewing performance development methods, reconsidering academic and study programs and plans, presenting specialized studies, proposing number of students who can join colleges, and suggesting books and references 

7- Direct supervision of the teaching loads and conduct the necessary study or analysis, in order to comply with the relevant rules and regulations.

8- Recommending faculty members can work for the deanship.