This Unit is concerned with organizing, controlling and documenting student examination procedures as well as evaluating their academic levels

This Unit is under the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs

General Objective: To supervise conducting exams in the Deanship.

Main actions:

1. Conducting quarterly and final exams.

2. Marking tests.

Operational steps to get the job done

1. Conducting quarterly and final exams.

Procedure details:

1. Formation and approval of proctoring committees.

2. Preparing the exam timetables for the Deanship and linking it to the academic timetables.

3. Announce the final timetable in conspicuous places from the beginning of the semester.

4. Highlighting the examination instructions in conspicuous places for all students, faculty members, and proctors.

5. Preparing the examination venues in accordance with the number of students and taking into account (cleanliness, ventilation, lighting and provision of drinking water for students).

6. Preparing proctoring timetable for proctors along with the attendance sheets of students.

7. Preparing a daily statement about the exams including: name of the course, professor of the course, number of enrolled students, number of students present, number of absentees, number of violators, and the type of recommended punishment.

8. Handing over exam questions and answer sheets to the head of the examination committee at least half an hour prior to the exam time. 

2- Correcting the exams.

Procedure details:

2-1 Handing over the answer sheets after the end of the exam to the person responsible for teaching the course.

2-2 Correcting the answer sheets 

2-3 Forming and approving audit committees,

2-4 Forming an internal committee in the department to check the samples of exam papers for each course (at least 5%).

2-5 Grades are added to the system within 48 hours from the date of the exam, and a copy of them is presented to the department supervisor to ensure their accuracy

2-6 The transcripts, along with the answer sheets, are checked with the proctoring committee before the result is finalized.