Planning and Development unit



the Unit aims to become an educational environment supporting educational progress through highly qualified and professional cadres using various educational means and activities. This goal relies on distributing responsibilities among all members in order to cope with the latest developments in education.



the Unit is committed to the following: A- Providing equal opportunities for the faculty and staff members so as to attract the required skills necessary for the development of the students and the Deanship. B- Developing the skills of the faculty members for the enhancement of the educational process and the procedures needed for quality development. C- Setting developmental plans in coordination with the Vice-deanship for Quality and Skills Development. D- Ensure training programs that aim for the achievement of sustainable educational development among faculty members are up-to-date and to determine the needed skills and knowledge at the Deanship. E- Focusing on the competence of the faculty members, the university environment, process development and task description.