Technical Support Administration 

Organizational connection: Administratively connected to the Vice-Dean for Information Technology and E-Learning.

General goal: Provide excellent technical support services for all university employees (faculty members - employees - students).

The Technical Support Administration also supervises the progress of work in the units and sets executive plans to improve the quality of performance. 

The Administration has three departments:

First: Technical Support Department, Main Center.

Second: Technical Support Department in Ghat and Zulfi.

Third: Technical Support Department in Remah.

Major Tasks:


1. Manage work departments.
2. Supervise maintenance of computers and accessories.
3. Conduct preventive and emergency maintenance for programs, computers, accessories, and networks.
4. Conduct inspection tours to computer laboratories every week.
5. Ensure that computer laboratories for students are ready at the beginning of each semester and during final exams.
6. Follow up on the departments' performance and write their technical reports as well as listing their needs for technical staff and equipment before reporting to the Vice Dean. 
7. List the needs of the departments in the Technical Affairs Administration and report to the Vice Dean.