E-Learning Department

Organizational connection: This department is administratively and organizationally connected to the Vice-Dean for E-Learning.

Mission: To improve the quality of e-learning, and create an effective and stimulating e-learning environment that contributes to enhancing students’ performance and achieving their educational goals.

The E-Learning Department is also responsible with organizing and following up on the progress of work in units, set executive plans to improve the level of performance and supervise the implementation of work with high-quality.

Sub-Division: -

First: Distance Learning Division.

Second: E-Evaluation Division.

Third: Training and Laboratories Division

Fourth: Licensing Division



1. Supervise the development and implementation of e-learning strategies.
2. Coordinate and conduct online courses and educational programs.
3. Manage electronic platforms and systems used to provide educational content.
4. Supervise the provision of technical support and training to faculty members and students on how to use educational technologies.
5. Monitor the quality of e-learning and maintain compliance with educational standards.