About the department:

The Software Department at the Deanship of Information Technology is mainly responsible for the digital transformation processes, developing electronic systems, services, and applications that serve university employees, students, faculty members, and community members.

The department has developed many systems and applications by a professional in-house team that always seeks to search for the best and latest technical solutions and innovate systems that solve real problems and improve overall performance.

Department tasks and powers:


1. Develop software and electronic services for the university.
2. Apply the standards and methods in programming and electronic transactions, and verifying their quality.
3. Making electronic services accessible for beneficiaries through multiple channels.
4. Contribute to transforming into paperless transactions.
5. Develop the single sign-on feature in all systems.
6. Develop systems that speed the performance and more friendly
7. Prepare periodic reports on the department’s achievements and suggestions for development
8. Undertake any other tasks assigned to the department.