Technical Support Department

Responsibilities: - The Technical Support Department (TSD) is responsible of providing all types of maintenance works of the university's computers. The department also offers assistance and solutions to software and hardware through a specialized team in the field. The TSD is divided into four units: - Technical Support Unit in Zulfi - Technical Support Unit in Hawtat Sudair - Technical Support Unit in Remah - Technical Support Unit in Ghat - Female Unit Responsibilities of the Department: - Ensure all computers are connected to the university domain - Setup and configure computer hardware and associated peripherals such as printers - Carry out preventative and emergency maintenance programs for computers and associated peripherals - Maintain computers and associated peripherals at labs - Provide technical support to all original software - Update operation systems and software on regular basis (i.e. Windows, Office) - Check the condition of computers and associated peripherals - Check new arrival computers and ensure they are in compliance with the required features - Set up computer labs for students at the beginning of each semester, during exam period and when necessary to ensure they have no issues. - Carry out inspection tours to computer labs (i.e. weekly) to ensure hardware and software are working efficiently.