Project Management

Project management:

A Projects Unit (PMO) was established at MU to help in managing projects and following up their performance as well as facilitating all their procedures in accordance with international work methodology standards that take into consideration the volume of the university’s projects and controls all aspects of the project such as time, quality and cost with optimal utilization of all available resources in the best way. The aim of the unit is also to collect and analyze project data and highlight it in a way that enhances decision makers by providing them with the following:

The flow and progress of work in those projects or any problems that arise in any of their stages.


It also measures the performance of those projects and the outsourcing companies as well as the university employees which will help in taking the appropriate decisions at the right time.




  • Administrative supervision of all projects related to the Deanship of Information Technology.
  • Providing necessary support to all employees assigned with projects.
  • Coordination between departments to implement projects.
  • Assisting in studying and analyzing tenders for projects.
  • Assistance in studying and preparing future plans for new and emerging projects.
  • Reviewing and endorsing proposed projects and ensuring that projects submitted by departments and units are not duplicated.
  • Supervising, following up and monitoring project staff and providing them with necessary support.
  • Following up projects until completion and making sure that the project scope and objectives are achieved.
  • Submitting reports to the Dean of Information Technology on how the projects are progressing, and then submitting them to the Vice Rector.
  • Familiarity with the scope of the project and achieving its objectives


  • Direct communication with outsourcing companies and securing all the necessary requirements to implement projects.
  • Conducting meetings with outsourcing companies, coordinating with them and collect all documents required to implement the project.
  • Monitoring outsourcing companies and making tours to ensure the progress of project implementation (cost, time and quality).
  • Documenting and archiving projects.
  • Submitting completion reports on projects implemented by outsourcing companies to pay their dues.
  • Coordinating with the concerned departments (finance and planning) and ensuring that the companies' dues are paid on time.
  • Contributing to the development of the Deanship of Information Technology and preparing executive forms.