Academic advising is a principal activity of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, as it is considered the first supporter of the students' journey during university life. Recently, attention has been paid to activating the role of academic advisors through their commitment to the initiative to communicate with students through various communication platforms, which include e-mail, the academic system portal (EGUGATE), periodic meetings



Responsibilities of academic advisors:

Each academic advisor from the faculty members in the department provides educational guidance to students and the advisor has the following responsibilities:

1- Assisting students in registering the appropriate courses for them at the beginning of each semester.

2- Assisting students in the add and drop procedures, registration, and other admission matters, and providing the relevant forms.

3- Follow up with the stumbling students and make a special file for each stumbling student or expected to stumble in order to facilitate his follow-up

4- Holding meetings with stumbling students and looking into the reasons for their stumbling and trying to solve them in appropriate ways

, telephone communication, text messages, and providing advice and advice to each student affiliated with him, through a study of the student’s file and tracking his academic progress semester by semester.


Students’ responsibilities

The student is the main focus in the academic advising process and the student has the following responsibilities:

1- Follow up on academic progress and constantly seek advice and guidance from the academic advisor.

2- Defining oneself and preparing a list of inquiries clearly for the guide

3- Knowing the important dates and deadlines for dropping and adding courses, apologizing for a course, apologizing for the semester, transferring, stopping registration, choosing a course, registering a graduation project, industrial training .... etc.

4- Attendance and participation in class and various activities

5- Compliance with university rules and regulations

6- Knowing the office hours of the academic advisor

7- Know the study plan well

8- Follow what is recommended by the advisor and inform him of undertaking any academic process (deletion, addition, apology, postponement...).

9- Review the graduation requirements and ensure that they are properly understood


Academic Advising Executive Plan

Academic Advising table