Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the design, manufacturing, installation, and operation of engines and machinery. It is a broad specialization that has to do with all areas of life. Mechanical engineering is used, for example, in the space industry, aviation, in production, energy conversion, the mechanics of the buildings, transportation, and in the modeling and simulation information.

Mechanical engineering gained momentum as a result of the principle of trial and error and practice by specialized engineers using scientific methods in research, design, and production. The constant demand for efficiency was the cause of the increasing rise in the quality of work required from the mechanical engineer, which requires a high degree of education and skill.

Mechanical engineering degrees are awarded by many universities around the world, and the system of study in Mechanical Engineering is usually from four to five years and grant Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Technology, Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Applied Engineering at the end of the study.

The mechanical engineer should be aware of and able to deal with the basic rules of chemistry, electrical engineering and physics. Most of the studies of mechanical engineering include the study of mathematics and advanced mathematics, especially differential, partial and linear equations.