The Dean Message


The College of Science in Zulfi is proud to achieve ASIIN, an accreditation which reflects the excellent quality of academic programs offered by the college in compliance with the high standards of the university to ensure graduate students are equipped with the skills deemed necessary to compete in the labor market. The College has also published several peer-reviewed research papers in ISI journals. This great achievement is attributed mainly to the unconditional support of the Rector and Vice-Rectors. The college has several departments; Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Biology, and intends to launch postgraduate programs to keep up with the development of the country. The college is also keen to cooperate with all sectors in Zulfi and provide the necessary scientific and academic experience to serve the community at best. The college strives to utilize all the available resources (labs, faculty members, researchers, students..etc) to excel in scientific research and contribute with value in the development of the country. I wish all students and staff the best of luck in their academic endeavors.

The Dean of the College of Science

Dr. Hani Ali Alquhayz