Vision, Mission and Goals


To excel academically and professionally according to a scientific and practical approach and meet the requirements of society.


Offer an integrated academic and professional training program in the fields of English language, literature, linguistics, and translation; and promote scientific research and community service.

Objectives: -

The department seeks to achieve the following goals:


1. Train students to meet the demands of the labor market in the field of English language, applied linguistics, translation, and literature.
2. Enrich academic research in the fields of English language and literature, descriptive and applied linguistics, translation, and socio-cultural studies.
3. Provide community services in general proficiency, English language courses, ESP, diplomas, public lectures, social activities, visits and tours, special awareness campaigns, etc.
4. Keep students and faculty abreast of the latest academic and professional developments in the fields of linguistics, applied linguistics, English as a foreign language, literature, criticism, translation, etc.