Student Activities based on committees at Rumaah College of Sciences and Humanities (Females Campus):

      Student activities is considered the welcoming place where students are able to practice their hobbies. It’s a collection of beneficial programs that are aimed at particular goals attainment for developing the minds of the student, increases their skills and occupies their free time. The student is its subject and object. Therefore, diversifying students’ life at college besides their academic obligations is an important mission.


The objectives of student activities through such committees are:

·        Creating a full rounded student personality.

·        Embracing students sisterly spirit.

·       Investing students time in productive and informative programs.

·        Increasing the level of student-college and student-university loyalty.

·        Discovering and encouraging young creative talents.

·        Increasing the level of reading and understanding for students to go outside the boundaries of the prescribed textbook.