The Faculty vice Dean for Higher Education and Scientific Research

All praise be to Allah and peace be upon his messenger Mohammad, who sent as a mercy to the world, and upon his family and companions. Then, the Faculty vice Deanship of Higher Studies and Scientific Research in Faculty of Sciences and Humanities in REmah always seeks to accomplish an important role in achieving the required academic message by designing future plans and new visions so to elevate the academic and research level. Based on this, the faculty vice dean of higher studies and scientific research is committed to provide everything that achieves excellence and creativity in its research products and acquire new knowledge and spreading out in the field of serving teaching staff members and students in the faculty through professional work environment. Therefore, the faculty vice deanship has been so interested and focused on scientific research and higher studies and everything related to teaching staff members of varied services that elevates the academic work. So the faculty is concerned with providing everything that helps enrich the human knowledge and achieve knowledge balance. The faculty vice Deanship seeks to effectively contribute to everything beneficial to the society and provide long-term solutions. We ask Allah to help them achieve their aspirations.


The Faculty vice Dean Assistant

Fayzah Abdullah Alharbi