Dear Students   

The English Department is pleased to heartily welcome you to its program. The Department offers the Intensive English Language Program (IELP) delivered by excellent teachers who work hard to help you in every possible way. We hope that you make the best of this opportunity by cooperating with your teachers and abiding by the class rules.


During the English Common First Year's students have to:

  1. Complete one semester in order to join the department and fill the requirements of Common First Year.
  2. Follow the timetable which is fixed during the study period at Common First Year and students may not be able to add or drop courses.
  3. Pass and in case of a student failed one of the Common First Year’s courses, he/she is allowed to retake that course in the upcoming semester.
  4. Pass all Common First Year courses successfully at the end of the semester. An extended study period (one additional semester) is granted to students who were unable to pass the Common First Year courses.
  5. If the percentage of absence from classes (without excuses) exceeds 25% for any course, students will be denied entry to final exam of that course.