The Faculty vice Dean Assistant for administrative affairs

All praise be to Allah and peace be upon his messenger the leader of all and the best model, our prophet Mohammad and on his family and companions until the Day of Judgment. Then, it is my pleasure in the name of the faculty vice Dean assistant for administrative and financial affairs to welcome all the faculty staff and those who are part of it. This position aims to executes all the duties related to administrative and financial duties of the faculty according to regulations and systems, and also it is concerned with staff affairs from different aspects. Moreover, the position is in charge of designing the budget and meeting all the different needs of the faculty. Administrative and Financial affairs seek to elevate the faculty with high aspiration for bright future insha-Allah. We always seek everyone’s pleasure so you are more than welcome to our website. We ask Allah guidance and success.


The Faculty vice Dean Assistant for Administrative and Financial Affairs

Ms Muneerah Abdulaziz Alyahya