The speech of the faculty vice Dean

The men and women of this country have got a lot unconditional and incredible support in the field of higher education. The fruit of this has been the big number of universities all across the Kingdom. Through these universities, a lot of people have achieved their dreams and this created an ideal university environment across the kingdom where many universities were established. In this great educational institution Faculty of Sciences and Humanities that Remah is so proud of, we seek with great efforts and sophisticated plans to achieve the highest quality standards in our excellent university education and pioneering research field to perform a pioneering role in the economic development and social work in Remah. Based on this, the academic and administrative cadres are exerting an immense amount of efforts seeking help from Allah then from the directives of officials to guarantee excellent education products for our students to have a clear fingerprint and effective role in the history of the comprehensive development.


The Faculty vice Dean for Women’s Campus

Ms Labeebah Musleh Alenezi