The faculty vice Dean Assistant for female student affairs

Faculty vice Deanship for female student affairs is concerned with supervision over study, students commitment to university regulations and systems and preparing her psychologically and scientifically to be an academic student. There are eight units that are affiliated with the vice Deanship. They work together to serve female students, guide them and keep their rights. The first unit is in charge of student affairs which is on e of the active and important offices in the faculty that serves students in absences, health circumstances, sudden leave in addition to issuing special permissions. The second unit is the medical unit that is responsible for meeting the students health problems during their stay in the faculty. the third unit is the student activity that seeks to strike a balance between the work academic AND extracurricular activities in a manner that promotes the vision and message of the university. The forth unit is the admission and registration unit that is in charge of academic communication between students and the university. It helps students from the first day she enters school until she graduates; it helps students prepare their schedules and clarifies penalties and conditions. Another unit shares preparing some work for graduates whether during graduation or after leaving the university. Another unit is the student consulting unit that is in charge of providing psychological support to guarantee academic stability of students in addition to preserving their university rights if needed. Another unit is the unit of learning resources and library represented by the faculty library that seeks to provide all the needs of the students of resources that support them academically. Also, there is the unit of catering and cafeteria that guarantees students with varieties of food during lectures times as well as the quality, cleanness and safety of food.


The Faculty vice Dean Assistant for Student Affairs

Ms Alhanouf Naser Alromeih