Academic Accreditation Unit and Quality Assurance are conducting a workshop on writing a professional course report

The Vice-Dean's Office for Educational and Quality Affairs, represented by the Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance Unit, organized a workshop entitled "writing a professional course report according to the New Academic Accreditation Body Model, 2022 Edition,".

The workshop was presented by Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Muasiry, and highlighted the importance of course report as a basic requirement in the process of academic evaluation and accreditation. It also discussed who is responsible for this, the unified form used by the college for the course evaluation process, the basic information about the course report, including the number of accredited and actual teaching hours for each course according to the program's curriculum.

The workshop also covered the statistical analysis of course evaluation surveys, linking educational outcomes, evaluation methods, and teaching strategies in course description.


Last modified
Tuesday, 14/February/2023