Message from the Head of Public Health Department


Message from the Head of the Department

The Department of Public Health aims to achieve leadership in the fields of public health by qualifying national competencies to develop health care and support research in applied sciences. The educational process is based on providing theoretical knowledge and practical skills for students to qualify them to work as health specialists and observers in the field of public health and other health fields, and work on raising the quality of life. The rapid development in the science of information technology and medical information management, which is fully related to raising the quality of health care in the community, urged us to establish a health informatics program in order to achieve the department’s goals and work to develop it in line with the goals of the Saudi Vision (2030). 
Health informatics is one of the important disciplines that is based on raising the efficiency and quality of health services through the use of the latest technologies in the field of technology. This field includes many sciences, including medical information management technology and health information analysis, from which a health informatics graduate is able to employ theoretical knowledge and is distinguished in the application of scientific and technical skills in computers and medical information  management.

Head of Public Health Department
Dr. Yahya Madkhali
Phone: +966 16404 2775
Email:[email protected]