Alumni Unit

About the Unit:

This unit is concerned with the continuous updating of the graduates' database, their views on the curricula and skills required in the labor market and the difficulties they face after graduation, and urging them to communicate with and support the college.

Unit Tasks:

1.  Building a comprehensive database of college graduates.

2.  Communicate with graduates through various means of communication, thus enhancing the relationship of the graduate student in his department.

3.  Communicate with interested institutions, companies, and ministries to coordinate with them regarding the absorption of as many graduates as possible.

4.  Conducting exploratory studies related to the number of graduates, the percentage of their employees, the percentage of job seekers, etc., and providing interested parties with the results of these studies to take the necessary measures.

5.  Qualifying graduates and helping them to obtain jobs.

6.  Implementing the duties assigned by the vice dean of training and clinical affairs.

Unit Members:-


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Mohammed Rafiq 

Head of the Unit


[email protected]