Laboratories & Equipment Committee

MDL-Laboratories & Equipment Committee


Laboratories & Equipment Committee is responsible for ensuring laboratory facilities at Department of medical laboratories are meets the requirements for teaching and efficient laboratory practices. In MDL department we have five laboratories including: Hematology lab, Histology lab, Biochemistry lab, Anatomy & Physiology, and Microbiology lab.

Tasks and Duties:

  • Maintain laboratory and laboratory equipment (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Apply safety requirements.
  • Coordination of practical lectures – (practical scheduling for each lab)
  • Create records for chemicals and glassware classification.
  • Keep the main stock and inventory for consumable and book is constantly updated.
  • Order reagents, laboratory teaching and demonstration tools upon faculty members’ request.
  • Updating relevant laboratories policies and regulations.
  • Review and update standard operating procedures for laboratories (SOPs).
  • Regular meetings with all members of the committee to ensure proper use of laboratories.
  • Prepare a list of laboratory requirements for MDL department annually.
  • Keep records of all laboratory documents and report to the Quality & program Committee.

Committee Decision