Training and Clinical Affairs Committee

MDL-Training and Clinical Affairs Committee


The Clinical Training and internship committee of MDL department is committed to ensuring the quality and smooth performance of the clinical training program for MDL students to complete the internship year successfully. Additionally, arranging frequent hospital visits for students from different academic levels for diagnostic/research laboratories demonstration in diffent Kingdom hospitals and research centers, and to improve students’ communication and practical skills, follow up graduated students.

Tasks and Duties:

  • Process internship applications, prepare and issue letters based on the required training sites.
  • Create database for interns/graduated students.
  • Follow up interns during internship year.
  • Coordinating of hospital visits.
  • Coordination of training courses to prepare students for internship
  • Coordination of training session for SCHS classification exam.
  • Update and implement guidelines and policies for the clinical training for internship year approved by the Clinical training units in the CAMS.
  • Ensure the quality of the clinical training to meet national and international accreditation standards.
  • Organizing periodic meetings to plan and review the clinical training policies and guidelines to improve skills that deliver learning outcomes for students.
  • Review and update the clinical training manual for internship year.
  • Organizing clinical training program (workshop- training courses) schedule.
  • Follow up graduated students’ percentage of successfully completed their internship/graduated and conduct further studies or employed.
  • Develop quantitative evaluation methods, to ensure quality and outcomes of graduated MDL students.

Committee Decision