Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance Unit

Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance Unit

About the Unit:-

This unit is concerned with spreading the culture of quality, evaluating the performance level, working on collecting data and information on the quality activities at the college on a regular basis and preparing reports on the performance levels and the beneficiaries’ satisfaction with the various activities.It’s interested in carrying out and following up the procedures of Evaluation and Academic Accreditation related to programs and institutions. It is also specialized in following up the documentation of files and activities of quality and academic accreditation. It collects all documents and data, classifies and stores them either in paper or electronic form then hands them out to all the college units and other sides in relation to them.

Unit Tasks:-

1. Proposing strategies, plans and operational policies to ensure quality.

2. Following up the implementation of development and improvement plans and preparing the necessary periodic reports.

3. Suggesting or implementing activities and tasks that ensure the quality of performance within the college.

4. Making the necessary arrangements for the nomination and appointment of Quality officials in the administrative units of the various departments of the college .

5. Assisting the preparation of quality improvement plans and evaluative operations for administrative units within the college .

6. Helping the internal units in their activities related to quality assurance and taking their advice into consideration in how best to  develop quality

7. Developing the quality improvement plan in the college as a whole .

8. Preparing annual reports on the quality assurance  which are based on the internal reports of the units and submitting them to the Higher Committee for Quality in which  the key performance indicators are clarified .

9. Promoting the employees’ awareness of the importance of quality assurance processes and knowing the strategies needed to achieve them.

10.Setting appropriate step-by-step plans to the periodic review for adopted quality standards to ensure continuous improvement in the performance of academic departments and administrative units.

11.Implementation and follow-up of the Evaluation and Academic Accreditation program.

12.Providing reference materials and publishing information about advancements in quality assurance and accreditation and about the good ideas applicable in other educational institutions either within Saudi Arabia or in other countries, which would help the college staff in quality development.

13.Following up the procedures and preparation of CAMS programs self-study reports.

14.Follow-up of the implementation of the external audit for recommended programs for accreditation.

15.Follow-up of the setup of files for recommended programs for accreditation.

16. Following -up the updates of the Unit site.

Unit Members:-


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Mr. Hariraja Muthusamy 

Head of the Unit


[email protected]