CLS Mission, Objectives and Outcomes

CLS Mission, Objectives and Outcomes


To prepare competencies in Clinical laboratory field to enhance learners scientific research skills and deeply prepared courses to expand the knowledge provided by recognized faculty member in their specialty in order to cope with the evolution in the field of laboratory diagnostic techniques.

    Program objectives:

    1. Learning the fundamental principles and recent advances in Clinical Laboratory.

    2. Updating students about the modern technologies in Clinical and Research field.

    3. Enable students to understand the principles of laboratory management, safety, quality control, research and statistical approach.

    4. Motivate students to commit to life-long learning and scientific research to solve health problems of the community.

    5. Allow students to develop their management, leadership, communication, teamwork, writing and presentation skills.

    Program Outcomes:

    1. Enriching educational government institutions, hospitals and research centers with specialists and experts in clinical laboratory sciences.

    2. Encourage postgraduate students for Life-long learning, involvement in scientific research and applying ethics on humane aspects of clinical laboratory practices.

    3. Enhance the leadership, communication and effectiveness work in team.