Clinical Skills Centre Unit

About the Unit:

It is a specialized center and an essential link between knowledge and application for male and female students in medical specialties, as it aims to teach and train them in clinical medical skills through the use of high-tech and accurate simulation methods that match the reality of the body in shape, which helps students in acquiring knowledge.

Unit Tasks:

1. Providing educational and training services to all college students; summer training , Clinical practicum in Approved medical centers and hospitals.
2. Providing a safe and controlled educational and training environment for the college’s male and female students and faculty members.
3. Promoting the dissemination and use of simulation in medical education, which is recognized within international health organizations and associations.
4. Developing and implementing education programs based on the spirit of the multidisciplinary health team.
5. Providing the ideal environment that incubates a distinctive and distinguished type of medical training that is recognized within international health organizations and associations.
6. Continuously improving the quality of training simulation programs that support distinct educational values ​​based on different teaching methods.

Unit Members:-


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Dr.Marwa Amar Selmi 

Head of the Unit


[email protected]