Dropping a semester

A student may drop a semester without being considered a failure if a request was submitted within the allowed period according to the academic calendar. As for colleges that apply the academic year system, students may submit a request at least eight weeks before the start of the final exams. For short courses, students may submit a request before the beginning of the exams.

In all these cases, the dean of the college takes the decision within three days from the date of submitting the request via the electronic portal. In the event that the dean doesn't take any decision within the stipulated period, the request will be accepted.

In case of extreme necessity - MU rector may exempt students from this period, and a grade of (P) or (W) is marked.

Dropping a semester should not exceed two consecutive semesters or three non-consecutive semesters. As for students of colleges that apply the academic year system, dropping a semester is not allowed for two consecutive years, and should not exceed two non-consecutive academic years.