Receiving graduation documents

1- The graduate should ensure that there are no outstanding debts or obligations and should obtain a clearance by accessing the Academic System Portal before the announcement of the schedule for document distribution.

2- For graduates of medical colleges, dentistry, applied medical sciences, and health colleges, a certified copy of internship certificate should be provided.

3- The document is handed over in the presence of the student in person, along with the presentation of supporting documents. In case the student is unable to attend to receive the graduation document, they can request an authorized representative with a signed authorization letter from the student and certified by an official entity.

Each graduate is granted a graduation document with the following information in both Arabic and English: date of graduation in both Hijri and Gregorian calendars, student's full name, nationality, national ID number, academic degree, college, major, track (if applicable), cumulative GPA, grade, honor ranking (if applicable), duration of study (for diploma degree only), and the document is signed and stamped by the Dean of Admissions and Registration.