External Grants Admission requirements for external grant students (for students from outside the kingdom):

1- The same admission requirements, which are applied to Saudi students at the University, apply to external grant students. 

2- The student should not be less than 17 years old and not more than 25 years old. 

3- The student should not have received another scholarship from one of the educational institutions in the Kingdom.

4- To ratify all certificates and documents from the competent authorities in the country of the student, as well as the embassy and the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission at the student's home country. 

5- The student should not have been dismissed by any educational institution in the Kingdom.

6- The female student should be accompanied by a mahram (a male legal guard) according to the Regulations; this mahram should have a scholarship, have a regular residence permit (Iqama) or be employed by a Saudi employer in need of his services.

7- To pass the medical examination determined by the University. 

8- The University is entitled to asking the student to submit recommendations by bodies, institutions, or persons as determined by the University.



Submission of grant applications:

Grant applications are submitted electronically through Majmaah University academic system portal via this link: http://edugate.mu.edu.sa . Submission should be during the designated dates and times for student application, and after completing all admission procedures at the University.



The end of the scholarship:

The external grant student has to leave the kingdom after the end of the study, within a period not exceeding three months from the date of completion. If the original program expires, it may not be extended by more than half of the original designated period.




General provisions:

 1- Residence rules and regulations in the kingdom are applied to the grant student.

 2- The grant student should be sponsored by the University during his time of study.

 3- The grant student is not entitled to move from Majmaah University to another one, and the University is entitled to exclude any cases it deems fit.

 4- The grant student is prohibited from working for companies, institutions or individuals during the duration of the study. 

5- The grant student is subject to the same rules and regulations employed at the University.

 6- Applying for admission is accepted for all specialties with the exception of health specialties, in which case, admission is limited to Saudi students only. 



Required document: 

-A copy of a high school certificate with the original for verification; as long as, all documents are ratified from the embassy and the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission at the student's home country. 

- A copy of a valid passport with the original for verification. 

- A scholarship application for admission form.

Admission required documents for scholarship students :

Upon their arrival to Saudi Arabia, selected candidates are required to submit certified copies of the following documents from either the ministry of foreign affairs OR the Saudi embassy in the student’s country of origin. All documents must be translated into Arabic language. The documents are :


  • High school certificate
  • Transcripts
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Medical report
  • Passport ( must be valid for at least 2 years since your entry to Saudi Arabia)
  • Recent colorful photo
  • Security clearance certificate from the student’s country of origin
  • Scholarship application form that was filled for online application