Series of Courses on using ‘Blackboard’ held by College of Community for Students

Under the patronage of the dean, Dr. Sultan al-Mutairi, and under the supervision of the vice-dean for Educational Affairs, Dr. Abdullah al-Dhikeel, the Vice-Dean’s Office for Educational Affairs, represented by E-learning Unit, conducted a number of virtual training courses on the use of e-learning system ‘Blackboard’.
The courses are part of the unit’s training plan for the first semester of the current academic year 1441/1442 AH, which aims to improve students’ skills of distance learning and that is by introducing them to the university’s official platform for distance learning ‘Blackboard’ – one of the world’s best e-learning system-.
The courses feature a hands-on learning experience of the tools and procedures provided by the system.
Distance learning classes tend to create an environment which is similar to that one of traditional, though it is distinguished with quick access to information regardless of traditional learning features such as attending classes or visiting faculty members’ office. Such learning allows for more flexibility in communication.

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